BBurb Terms of Service
Bburb allows users to contribute  reviews, photos, and direct messages.

Inappropriate content: Please be respectful of other users and business owners Any appropriate language or imagery will be deleted.

Conflicts of interest: Your contributions should be unbiased and objective. BBurb business owners, employees, friends etc. should not write their own reviews or reviews of their competitors. BBurb business owners should not ask customers to write reviews.

Promotional content: Unless you’re using your Business Owners Account to add content to your business’s profile page, we generally promotional content is not allowed.

Relevance: Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the forum. For example, reviews aren’t the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, extraordinary circumstances, or other matters that don’t address the core of the consumer experience.

Privacy: Publicizing other people’s private information is strictly prohibited.  Additionally, users are not allowed to post video or photos of other patrons without their permission. Unless noted by the business owner a person’s full name shall not be posted under any circumstances.

Intellectual property: All reviews, photos and videos posted must be your own.  Posting content, reviews or pictures that are not yours is strictly forbidden.

Demanding payment: Beyond simply asking for a refund to remedy a bad experience, you should not use removing or posting your review as a way to extract payment from a business, regardless of whether you’ve been a customer.